Crimson Hexagon ForSight™ Platform Joins Forces With Hootsuite’s Engagement Platform for Better Customer Engagement & Business Insights

Crimson Hexagon ForSight Platform Joins Forces With Hootsuite’s Engagement Platform for Better Customer Engagement and Business Insights

Crimson Hexagon, is a provider of software for social intelligence is announcing a new app integration with HootSuite, a social relationship platform. The new integration powers social engagement for enterprises, allowing customers to gain valuable business insights and competitive analysis from online conversations.

MY POV: There’s so much data out there. And data alone is not helpful unless it can provide insights. And insights and actionable decision intelligence take the right combo of technology as well as people with the right skills to truly understand how to use these applications and tools. What’s really missing is educational systems in place to increase people’s skill sets. Hootsuite has done a great job with their University, but universities and colleges are still completely behind the 8 ball. I’m fortunate that UCLA Extension and the Summer Institute for the Center of Media, Entertainment and Sports at UCLA Anderson allow me to teach digital and social media strategy and the use of technology to scale it. But most schools don’t have real digital and social programs– yet. Business schools are way behind. There’s not a job application – even those jobs that are not directly related to digital and social — want candidates to understand and know how businesses are using social and digital.

So What’s New About This Announcement Between Crimson Hexagon and Hootsuite?

Clients who are using Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ platform can stream social media posts directly into HootSuite. How does this help marketers and customer service professionals? To start with they can use it to engage with consumers and take action based on deep social media analysis. The integration combining Crimson Hexagon’s monitoring technologies with HootSuite’s publishing capabilities offers an opportunity to streamline workflow and increases efficiency in social monitoring and customer outreach within organizations. In addition, the application offers customizable keyword filtering and monitoring of any brand, competitor set, or topic, lending context and improved flexibility to social media analysis.

What Is the Key Difference to Crimson Hexagon Now That It’s Connected with Hootsuite?

The key difference is Crimson Hexagon is now entering into the engagement space and enhancing what their customers see and can analyze in the feed with their advanced text and audience analytics. Crimson Hexagon customers can plug their analytics directly into HootSuite streams for real-time engagement with customers and turn social data into immediate engagement. And HootSuite’s custom filters and keyword streams empower organizations to easily identify key insights in analytics for multiple business uses whether it be in social selling, customer service or marketing.

Some of the benefits of the combined Crimson Hexagon-HootSuite app integration are the ability to:

  • Access a world-class social media data library of over 450 billion posts for real-time and historical analysis of social data
  • Engage with customers and prospects in real-time through HootSuite, add data streams to gain insights on your customers, prospects and competitors
  • Apply custom filters and analytics to your data streams, including sentiment, opinion category, gender, geography and influence score
  • Enable dynamic filtering of streams within HootSuite to view posts by keyword, handles, hashtags, date range and content sources providing the most in-depth intelligence on brand sentiment and customer opinion
  • Enable location-based customer service initiatives for targeted campaigns and engagement
  • Drive efficiency and time savings associated with post tagging and post re-categorization as part of HootSuite engagement workflow
  • Discover and compare brand and topic influencers with author scoring within HootSuite

It’s an interesting new combination of technology. The real question is — do you have the strategy and the skill sets to implement it and get a business result? Technology alone is never the answer.

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