Clarabridge: A Clear View of Customer Interactions and Feedback

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One of the most important aspects of a business is the ability to have software to help collect and analyze customer comments and feedback. Clarabridge provides software that allows companies a universal view of their customers through transforming of text-based verbatim into customer experience insight. The software collects all sources of customer feedback, transforms it using Natural Language Processing (NLP), categorizes the content, performs sentiment scoring and delivers customer insights enterprise-wide though a variety of interfaces. Having this type of data is key to improving customer experience. In reviewing Clarabridge’s product we saw the customer feedback process was divided into 3 steps:

  • Collecting the data
  • Transforming the data into insights and
  • Delivering actionable insights.

The collection of the data includes internal content sources, like departmental surveys, call center notes, emails, chats and internal enterprise applications such as CRM, EFM, BPM systems, etc… It also includes social media data, with their built-in integration with NM Incite BuzzMetrics, Lithium, and Radian6. They can also query and extract data from virtually any website using crawlers that accelerate data integration and improve accuracy. It has the ability to extract data from Facebook and Twitter.

And the two types of data sources, internal feedback and social media, are combined to find quantifiable means to reduce service and operational costs, and reveal new and profitable revenue streams. While much of the data a company has is unstructured, Clarabridge uses its sentiment and text analytics platform to process that unstructured data into insights. It does this by taking the linguistic content, categorizing it and assigning sentiment scores to distinguish the who, what, how, and why of the customer’s experiences. The proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine understands the syntax and context of all the elements of the text. Using an exhaustive approach to NLP creates the ability to ensure the resulting analysis is comprehensive and accurate. The sentiment score is indexed on a normalized minus five (-5) to plus five (+5) scale. With this index, businesses can roll up scores to preset categories, regions, or products, etc. to see sentiment trends across a brand, product, and/or company level.

The output from a typical Clarabridge analysis results in a series of relational database tables, optimized to provide business intelligence. The data shows insights into:

  • How customers feel
  • Why they feel the way they do
  • The intensity of their feelings

This sentiment and text analytics platform gives businesses strategic insight into their customer needs, motivations, and concerns. And by offering different interfaces, it makes data accessible for anyone role or department who needs critical voice of the customer intelligence.

For example, in an effort to make this customer insight data available to an entire business and encourage company-wide involvement, Clarabridge recently released a new generation of their solution, Clarabridge Enterprise 5.0, which includes new module Clarabridge Collaborate. Collaborate is a business application that creates an integrated environment to promote departmental transparency and accountability. Collaborate was designed for global business users such as marketing, product, operations and customer support managers. With an intuitive interface, Collaborate enables members across organizations to benefit from the capabilities of Clarabridge Enterprise, bringing customer insight to all who need it.

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