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With summertime close around the corner, all the kids on my block will have their bikes and trikes out! And come dinner time the trikes and bikes all get left in the driveway That is until Mom or Dad backups over them in their hurry to work the next day. To make sure your summer time does not go flat, RoadMaster has a great product that prevent this: a wireless backup camera! Jane from RoadMaster shows us how it works. We fell in love with Jane — Her passion for people and technology immediately won our hearts!

As you can see, it is pretty easy to use. You just mount the camera to back of the car via the license plate screws. And then the monitor mounts on your dash or visor. There you can see everything the camera sees! And in all seriousness, this is not just about trikes and bikes. Huge blind spots hide children running or playing near cars and trucks- so this story is not just about bikes and trikes- it is about keeping our tikes safe.

How serious is this issue? Serious enough to make it on Oprah.

According to, back-over accidents are injuring thousands of children every year and account for 50 percent of all nontraffic deaths for kids 15 and younger. Many times, the injury is inadvertently caused by loved one. The problem has become serious enough that there is now a proposal to stop backover incidents. It has 27 co-sponsors in the House and 28 co-sponsors in the Senate. A key committee in the Senate voted the bill out on May 16th and it will soon go to the Senate floor for a vote. Is your lawmaker a sponsor or co-sponsor of this good proposal? It is called the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act of 2007.

In its recent study, the Federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that during 2001–2003, an estimated 7,475 children (2,492 per year) aged 1–14 years were treated for nonfatal MV backover injuries in U.S. hospital emergency departments (EDs). The CDCs report which underscores the seriousness of the problem and the need for action to prevent children from being injured and killed in vehicle backover incidents. And thank goodness for companies like Roadmaster that just seems to continually come up with products that women love because their focus is on making life better!

And one another safety note, Jane shared another story with me In other countries you can get a huge fine for talking on your cell phone while driving… Janes friend was driving while talking on the phone. Her friend spotted the cops and in a panic, knowing she had been caught, she accidentally threw her cell phone out the window. At 90 miles an hour, she really had no idea where it landed. (The ticket was close to $500. Add that to the cost of a new phone)

Jane showed us a solution: a wireless, LCD, hands-free, Bluetooth speakerphone! Instead of having to search for your phone and try to answer while driving, now you can see who is calling and with a quick touch, you can answer it and start talking right away! It hangs from your sun visor. This won an innovation award at CES in 2007. This device would certainly reduce the number accident and save many, many lives for sure! The statistics for accidents due to the use of a cell phone are pretty extensive! With laws changing in the U.S., this might be a product you cant do without!

Thanks Jane for spending time with us and keeping our trike, bikes, cell phones and families safer! Say hi to your grand kids! You are a natural on video! Hollywood Did I hear Hollywood Jane?

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