FastTrack Social Business Coaching Workshop with Dr. Natalie

Not sure what to do next in marketing your business? Not sure how to rise above all the clutter and noise? Not sure if social media would help. And what are the specific steps to implement social in your business?

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Do you need help producing “REAL” results from your social media activities for your business?
Do you need to go beyond “likes” and take your social media results to the next level in your business?
Wherever you are in your business marketing, know this, many companies are using social to advance their marketing and sales results now!. To compete in the 21st century, your company needs to be right there with them!!!!!!
How do you fasttrack to get there???????

Join the first of its kind – A Hands-on, FastTrack Social Business Coaching Workshop with Dr. Natalie Petouhoff. Whether your business is just getting started in social media OR you have started using social media in marketing but need to kick the results into a higher gear, then come join Dr. Natalie’s FastTrack Social Business Coaching Workshop to AMP UP your social results quickly!!!

What You Will Receive:

  • Your company will be analyzed in class from a social perspective.
  • After each class, each and every week for 4 weeks, you will come away with specific, bite sized, actions, tailored to your business that will increase your social presence tenfold!
  • By the end of four weeks in a hands-on environment, Dr. Natalie will have worked with you and the class to create your company’s social persona and voice, identify your competitors, create a process to engage followers, identify and connect with key influencers, and much more!
  • You can attend this class in person or via “SKYPE”

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff

Professor & Social Media Strategist

As a Forrester Analyst, Dr. Natalie led the pack by writing the world’s 1st social media ROI model. As a Guest Lecturer at UCLA & Anderson Business School, Dr. Natalie offered one of the first social business Workshops on any college campus in the world. As a sought after thought leader and keynote speaker, her work in is dozen of books and hundreds of white papers and articles in USAToday, Adage, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, NYT…

Dr. Natalie’s practical experience & proven ability to help companies—fast track, measure & optimize social media initiatives, vet/choose from top social media software and optimize change, organizational alignment, leadership & deliver practical social media training. Dr. Natalie speaks, trains & educates executives and their staff on starting, fast tracking and measuring social media and traditional business operations.

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Dr. Natalie’s Social Business class is amazing because it really opened my eyes to the actual structure and the Science behind what goes into making your business or whatever you decide to promote be a Social Media Success and how to reach out to gather people to hear what you are saying and how to find the right people to talk to and to listen to as well. B. Walton

Workshop Dates, Time, Length:
Monday nights – 7pm PST to 10pm PST
Starts: November 19th, 2012
Ends: December 10th, 2012

Location: 10960 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 1050
West Los Angeles, Ca 90024
Via Skype

$325 for entire workshop – We sell out quickly so purchase your seat now!

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Only 14 Seats available!

What You Need to Bring:

Bring your current business marketing challenges to class. Be prepared to go over marketing challenges that you have been thinking about or challenges that you have encountered in social media marketing.
You may even be completely stopped and stymied by the thought of using social media in your business. Bring that situation to class – we can help you work through a marketing strategy that works for your business.
A laptop with internet access/wireless connection.
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 $325 for entire workshop – Only 14 Seats available!

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